🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ CAMERA FAIL! The BAD – Well so if you as you guys may know my camera went down last night during a severe thunderstorm. It not only fell but it was hardcore rained on for over 15 minutes with the card slot open. The bolts were dropping so close I couldn’t get out to get it off of my tripod. Risking life and limb just isn’t worth it. I had a sandbag on the tripod but it was no match for a 45-60mph wind gust that came too fast. I had the camera right next to the truck to grab just in case but the wind switched in like 2 seconds and before I could get my door open it fell.

I have it in a container of rice but it was showing no signs of life so I believe it is fried. It still may be repairable but I don’t want to miss the rest of this season and that could be weeks or months to happen.

The GOOD – We were Vlogging throughout the whole situation and night as it happened. So at least there will be a good story for you all to watch on our Big Bolt Media youtube channel coming up. Also my SD Memory card didn’t get toasted so I have the shots I obtained before it happened. Including the Power Plant we were near getting struck multiple times.


Here is the video we put together for the Youtube Channel.

Your support needed. I don’t want to ask for handouts. I’m going to get a new body (thankfully the lens is ok and didn’t sustain any damage) I would rather use the hard work and dedication I have invested into storm chasing and sell signed prints to make it happen.

If you’d like to grab a print you can do so by clicking one of the categories BELOW and selecting and photo purchasing from there. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED for continental U.S. only. Metal prints will included mounting. Photo paper prints will not be framed or mounted.

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If you can’t purchase a print you can always help spread the word around. I greatly appreciate ALL support given.


Justin Labadie

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